Narelle Mullan

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BACKGROUND Geocoding, the process of converting textual information describing a location into one or more digital geographic representations, is a routine task performed at large organizations and government agencies across the globe. In a health context, this task is often a fundamental first step performed prior to all operations that take place in a(More)
ISBN 0732600782 Pages 53 Title and subtitle: Evaluation of the speed camera program in Victoria 1990-1993. Phase 5: Further investigation of localised effects on casualty crash frequency. Abstract: Phase 5 of the evaluation of the speed camera program in Victoria builds on the localised effects of the program studied in Phase 3, which found casualty crash(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the clinical data for people with diabetes mellitus with reference to their location and clinical care in a general practice in Australia. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patient data were extracted from a general practice in Western Australia. Iterative data-cleansing steps were taken. Data were grouped into Statistical Area level 1 (SA1),(More)
Vehicles crashing into fixed roadside objects, such as trees, poles and embankments, continue to create substantial trauma and costs for individuals and society. These crashes tend to be severe in nature, accounting for about one-quarter of all serious road casualties in Victoria. This study aimed to evaluate treatments implemented to address the problem of(More)
In Victoria, during the period 1989 to 1992 there was a reduction of 49% in fatalities and nearly 40% in persons admitted to hospital. These reductions have generally been maintained through to 1995. The fatality rate in Victoria has averaged approximately 23% below that in South Australia since 1990, while during the previous 20 years, the South Australian(More)
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