Narelle Grayson

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OBJECTIVE Death certificates provide an invaluable source for cancer mortality statistics; however, this value can only be realised if accurate, quantitative data can be extracted from certificates--an aim hampered by both the volume and variable nature of certificates written in natural language. This paper proposes an automatic classification system for(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, about one-third of infants born after assisted reproductive technology (ART) worldwide are twins or triplets. This study compared the inpatient birth-admission costs of singleton and multiple gestation ART deliveries to non-ART deliveries. METHODS A cohort of 5005 mothers and 5886 infants conceived following ART treatment were(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the automatic cancer classification of pathology reports. METHOD Scanned images of pathology reports were converted to electronic free-text using a commercial OCR system. A state-of-the-art cancer classification system, the Medical Text Extraction (MEDTEX) system, was used to(More)
Recognising dyslexia C Wales 153 Parents' expectations of symptom relief for their children R Sweeney 154 A survey of diabetes care in general practice in Northern Ireland C Kenny and M Pierce 154 Disadvantages of chronic disease templates in primary care consultations J N H Eisenberg 155 New GP contract and European definition T D Richards 155 Measuring(More)
The timely notification of cancer cases is crucial for cancer monitoring and prevention. However, the abstraction and classification of cancer from the free-text of pathology reports and other relevant documents, such as death certificates, are complex and time-consuming activities. In this paper we investigate approaches for the automatic detection of(More)
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