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In this work, the effect of organic fertilization in the production of young cladodes (nopalitos) (cladode sprouts) in prickly pear was studied. The treatments of organic fertilizers used were: T1 = 75% soil + 23% compost + 2% red crab flour; T2 = 75% soil + 23% compost + 2% fish flour; T3 = 75% soil + 25% compost; T4 = 75% soil + 25% cow manure; and T5 =(More)
The objective of the present study was to evaluate the annual ovulatory activity of hair sheep at 15° N. Nineteen Creole ewes with body weight of 40.8 ± 0.3 kg were used. The ovulatory activity was monitored for a year by quantifying progesterone concentrations in blood samples obtained from all the ewes every 7 days. The differences in monthly proportions(More)
This study calculated the compositional nutrient diagnosis (CND) norms of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.), as well as identified significant nutrient interactions of this crop growing in an irrigated calcareous desert soil. Three genotypes were distributed in rows in a 2-ha field. The soil showed high heterogeneity in its chemical properties. For(More)
Little is known about the productive performance of Mexican turkey, so the objective of the present study was to characterize growth performance curves of backyard turkey under a confined system. Forty fertile eggs were artificially incubated and turkey weight was recorded at hatch. During growth performance weekly weight was measured until 385 days of age.(More)
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