Narciso Cerpa

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Artificial neural networks have been used to support applications across a variety of business and scientific disciplines during the past years. Artificial neural network applications are frequently viewed as black boxes which mystically determine complex patterns in data. Contrary to this popular view, neural network designers typically perform extensive(More)
We surveyed a number of Australian software practitioners in order to understand what software development practices were used in their recent software projects. We were particularly interested to discover what project management practices are common in Australian software projects. The relationship between practices and software project outcomes enables us(More)
Because requirements engineering is recognized as critical to successful software projects we surveyed a number of software practitioners regarding their software development practices during recent software projects. Relationships between requirements practices and software project outcomes enable us to better understand requirements issues and their(More)
<b>Introduction</b> We have been developing software since the 1960s but still have not learned enough to ensure that our software development projects are successful. Boehm<sup>2</sup> suggested that realistic schedule and budgets together with a continuing steam of requirements changes are high risk factors. The Standish Group in 1994 noted that(More)
During discussions with a group of U.S. software developers we explored the effect of schedule estimation practices and their implications for software project success. Our objective is not only to explore the direct effects of cost and schedule estimation on the perceived success or failure of a software development project, but also to quantitatively(More)
Over the last decade, many firms in the world have started adopting Global Software Development (GSD) in order to reduce software development cost. GSD helps companies to leverage the benefits of multi-site development with respect to time, cost and access to skillful resource. Recent research suggests that half of the companies that have tried global(More)
It has been suggested that there is more than one reason for a software development project to fail. However, most of the literature that discusses project failure tends to be rather general, supplying us with lists of risk and failure factors, and focusing on the negative business effects of the failure. Very little research has attempted an in-depth(More)