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Wireless technologies, developed within ICT at the end of XX, beginning of XXI century, are followed by adequate analytical support, which also made their implementation faster. At the beginning, their similarity with WiMAX concept launched the implementation of WiMAX systems in the scope of closely related research achievements. Therefore, this paper in a(More)
Within areas lacking appropriate or having no wire infrastructure at all, fixed WiMAX is recognized as a viable business solution for delivering broadband services to the end users. While in developing countries (like Bosnia and Herzegovina), such areas are widespread among suburban and rural topography, it is of great interest to provide preconditions for(More)
This paper presents the use of coupled BEM/FEM method by the numeric calculations of protection current/potential distribution when the cathodic protection system with galvanic anodes is applied. Cathodic protection (CP) system is very efficient system for protection of underground metal object from corrosion. The most important phase by installing the CP(More)
Importance of digitalization of AV (audio/video) signals, produced in TV studios, has been recognized long time ago, and in many countries, TV studios abandoned old analog transmission, leaving place for digital signal transmission. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, TV studios are still producing and broadcasting analog PAL signal, but according to recommendation,(More)
This paper proposes a cryptographic key establishment method based on set of images shared by sender and receiver. The method is simple, fast and secure. We call it CryptoStego. Possible key sizes are virtually limitless. Proposed method is implemented in C programming language. The implementation is compared with (A)RC4 stream cipher, by comparing CPU time(More)
This paper analyses a dependence of standard definition IPTV service continuity error on code violation block codes. A very reliable method of evaluating of several IPTV QoS parameters by observing the parameters of physical layer of DSL transceivers was introduced. Also, an ability to use the procedures, which have already implemented at common ATU-R and(More)
We present a modular concept of e-voting system which ensures that registered voter can vote only once, while at the same time voters privacy is protected. This means that user identity can not be linked to a vote casted by the user. This is ensured by using random password distribution, where there is no trace in the system about the password that certain(More)
This paper proposes metrics based on QoS preferences of MNs, and QoS abilities of MAPs, in order to perform a simulative evaluation of the Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 (HMIPv6) network implementation with QoS-aware dynamic MAP selection. The chosen metric meets the desired level of QoS, while retaining MAP load balance, while the DiffServ mechanism ensured the(More)