Narayani Rajagopalan

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Nano zinc oxide (ZnO) is extensively used as a UV-blocking material and finds application as a UV-blocker in cosmetics, textiles and protective coatings. However, with varying sizes and morphologies in the nano scale length, the UV-blocking behavior of nanoZnO gets varied. In the present study a DGEBA based epoxy coating on MS substrate was formulated and(More)
The film properties of two PECVD deposited dielectric copper barrier films have been optimized to improve BEOL device reliability in terms of electromigration. Two critical aspects that affect electromigration are the dielectric barrier film hermeticity and adhesion to copper. We use a method to quantify the barrier film hermeticity of the BLO/spl kappa/ I(More)
Epoxy resins as binders are best known in protective coating field for their excellent corrosion resistance. However, the exterior durability of these resins is severely affected by their poor weathering resistance. The exposure of epoxies to outdoor environment causes chemical reactions within them, which leads to deterioration of their useful properties.(More)
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