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This work reported on the in vitro antibacterial activity of six selected marine algae (seaweeds) which have been selected and their extracts have been tested as an alternative to commonly used antibiotics. Extracts of six seaweed samples namely Codium decorticatum, Caulerpa scalpelliformis, Gracilaria crassa, Acanthophora spicifera, Sargassum wightii and(More)
Cymothoid isopods are parasites that cause severe damage to the fish species. The present study was focused to carry out the parasitic infestation on the one of the important marine fish Strongylura leiura during the 2 years period between June 2009 and May 2011. 272 fish specimens collected and about 157 (57.72 %) fishes were infested by the cymothoid(More)
Sound is a means of communication by animals. Many fishes are capable of producing sounds with the help of specialized structures. The teleost family-Sciaenidae, collectively known as the croakers and drums because of their ability for making sound. It includes about 70 genera and 270 species in worldwide. We selected Kathla axillaris to study the sound(More)
Epipenaeon ingens occurs most commonly in Southeast Coast of India parasitized the penaeid shrimp. The present study provides the prevalence, morphological and molecular characterisation of E. ingens collected from the host Metapenaeopsis stridulans. In the present study highlights the significance of high prevalence and genetic diversity of E. ingens in M.(More)
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