Narayanasamy Ramaraj

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The field of wireless networks is an important and challenging area. In this paper we describe, AntHocNet an algorithm for routing in mobile adhoc networks. It is a hybrid algorithm which combines proactive and reactive behavior to compute packet delivery ratio, end to end delay and overhead by varying the speed of the mobile nodes. The algorithm is based(More)
Ad hoc networks are wireless mobile hosts collections forming a temporary network without any infrastructure/centralized administration. So a mobile host is required to enlist the help of other hosts to forward packets to destination because of each mobile host's limited range of wireless transmission. The paper presents a protocol for routing in ad hoc(More)
Non determinism can lead to data inconsistency state in actively replicated environment. This defeats the purpose of replication as a fault-tolerance strategy. We proposed an efficient method which ensures determinism among the replicas in fault tolerance middleware applications. This method exploits the technique of statically analysing the application(More)
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