Narayanasamy Balakrishnan

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A network of multi modal sensors with distributed and embedded computations is considered for a video surveillance and monitoring application. Practical factors limiting the video surveillance of large areas are highlighted. A network of line-of-sight sensors and mobile-agents based computations are proposed to increase the eeectiveness. CMOS digital(More)
Distant repeats in protein sequence play an important role in various aspects of protein analysis. A keen analysis of the distant repeats would enable to establish a firm relation of the repeats with respect to their function and three-dimensional structure during the evolutionary process. Further, it enlightens the diversity of duplication during the(More)
ata fusion is a paradigm for integrating data from multiple sources to synthesize new information such that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is a critical task in contemporary and future systems that have distributed networks of low-cost, resource-constrained sensors [1], [2]. Current techniques for data fusion are based on general(More)
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