Narayanan Sreekumar

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This work presents Wavelet-Modified Single Layer Linear Forward Only Counter Propagation Network (MSLLFOCPN) technique to solve image compression. In this technique, it inherits the properties of localizing the global spatial and frequency correlation from wavelets. Function approximation and prediction are obtained from neural networks. As a result counter(More)
Congenital fusion of maxillary and mandibular alveolar margins is extremely rare. Bony fusion between the jaws is still more uncommon. Only eight patients with bony fusion have been described in the literature to date, of whom only three had bilateral bony fusion. We present here a patient with very extensive bilateral bony fusion of the jaws, who underwent(More)
In this paper, an adaptive method for image compression that is subjective on neural networks based on complexity level of the image. The multilayer perceptron artificial neural network uses the different Back-Propagation artificial neural networks in processing of the image. The original images taken, for instance 256*256 pixels of bitmap image, each block(More)
Image compression is the technique of reducing the size of the image file without degrading the quality of the image. The compression in file size permits more images to be stored in theavailable amount of memory space. It also decreases the time needed for images to be uploaded over the Internet or downloaded from it. There are many techniques available in(More)
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