Narayanan Kumarappan

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There is a general consensus that the movement of electricity price is crucial for electricity market. The binary electricity price classification method is as an alternative to numerical electricity price forecasting due to high forecasting errors in various approaches. This paper proposes a binary classification of day-ahead electricity prices that could(More)
This paper presents a methodology for maintenance scheduling (MS) of generators using binary particle swarm optimization (BPSO) based probabilistic approach. The objective of this paper is to reduce the loss of load probability (LOLP) for a power system. The capacity outage probability table (COPT) is the initial step in creating maintenance schedule using(More)
This paper presents a new approach for state adequacy evaluation of sampled system state in composite power system reliability analysis. Generalized regression neural network (GRNN) is used in conjunction with non-sequential Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) to evaluate the loss of probability and the power indices. GRNN approach predicts the test functions for(More)