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BACKGROUND Decreased mitochondrial function has been suggested to be one of the important pathological events in isoproterenol (ISO)-induced cardiotoxicity. In this communication, we have evaluated(More)
BACKGROUND Palladium α-lipoic acid (Pd-LA) complex has unique electronic and redox properties that appear to be the key to its physiological effectiveness. A proprietary liquid blend containing Pd-LA(More)
Endogenous damage to mitochondrial DNA by free radicals is believed to be a major contributory factor to aging. The current study examined the effects of the extracts of two important anti-fatigue(More)
Dysfunction of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, being direct intracellular source of reactive oxygen species (ROS), is important in the pathogenesis of number of ageing associated human(More)
AIM   Liver injuries induced by carbon tetrachloride (CCl(4) ) cause mitochondrial stress and disruption of membrane potential resulting in apoptosis. In this study, we evaluated the effects of(More)
Acetaminophen (APAP) is known to induce liver mitochondrial dysfunction leading to acute hepatotoxicity. Effect of DL-α-lipoic acid (LA) and α-tocopherol (α-Toc) against the APAP-induced liver(More)
Palladium alpha-lipoic acid formulation--'POLY-MVA' is found to enhance the activities of Krebs cycle dehydrogenases and respiratory complexes in the heart of aged rat. In this study, we aimed to(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Post-mitotic cells such as brain and heart cells are particularly vulnerable to oxidative damages during ageing. In this study, we evaluated the effect of Ganoderma lucidum on the(More)
Age-related decline in the capacity to withstand stress, such as ischemia and reperfusion, results in congestive heart failure. Though the mechanisms underlying cardiac decay are not clear, age(More)