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N-Nitroso compounds (NOCs) are known to be strong carcinogens in various animals including primates (Preussman and Stewart, (1984) N-Nitroso Compounds). Human exposure to these compounds can be by ingestion or inhalation of preformed NOCs or by endogenous nitrosation from naturally occurring precursors (Bartsch and Montesano, Carcinogenesis, 5 (1984)(More)
Oral malodor one of the most common complaints with which patients approaches us thinking it can be detrimental to his self-image and confidence. Even though majority of oral malodor is of oral origin, there are multiple other systemic causes that have to be addressed while we diagnose and treat this condition. Most of these patients look up to oral care(More)
Piperine is the main pungent principle of pepper, a spice consumed by people all over the world. It is the trans-trans isomer of 1-piperoylpiperidine and contains the methylene dioxy moiety. It is known to give unidentified mutagenic products on reaction with nitrite. The nitrosation reaction of piperine is of concern as endogenous nitrosation could take(More)
The TV is being hailed as the most 'evolutionizing' gadget. Its continual dominance over the living room and constant embracement of new technology facets, like internet and social networks, vouch for the same. Viewers' desire to watch/interact with TV differently has initiated, sustained and driven this evolution. The demand for a collective viewing(More)
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