Narayan S. Umanath

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With the advent of the widely heralded ‘‘new economy’’, organizations are undergoing profound changes. Interestingly, information systems/information technology (IS/IT) has emerged as the vehicle for launching new organizational forms so that market forces can be effectively managed to yield favorable business solutions. A critical issue for managers to(More)
Recall, while an important topic in the study of learning and memory, has received relatively little attention as a dependent variable in studies that investigate alternative formats for presenting information. This paper describes two experiments, performed back to back, that examined the relationship between data display format and recall performance(More)
Electronic linkage between a firm and its suppliers has opened up new avenues for information exchange between the participants. As a consequence, the very nature of the relationship between the firm and its suppliers is drastically affected necessitating a reassessment of the firm's business strategy. Our conceptual model leads us to believe that “more” is(More)
An appropriate cost metrics for estimating development effort of the database part of an application at conceptual design stage using ER model is an important consideration. We propose four cost metrics based on the level of complexity of an ER diagram. Our effort estimation technique is based on these metrics using an empirical mathematical expression(More)
Recorded evidence suggests that information systems technology (IST) can be harnessed at least at a national level to create favorable market asymmetries leading to competitive advantage for the firm. Diffusion of IST over worldwide divisions of a multinational enterprise (MNE) and its ramifications, however, pose a more complex scenario. Economic analyses(More)
Performance is an important non-functional attribute of the software system to be considered for producing quality software. Performance analysis by estimating development effort of the database application and workload estimation during preliminary design stages is an important consideration. In this paper It is propose a methodology for estimation of(More)