Narayan Murthy

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In order to investigate reasons contributing to the decline in enrollment in computing programs in colleges and universities, this study examined student attitudes towards computing throughout an introductory computing course for non-majors at a northeastern metropolitan university. In addition to providing computer literacy, the course is used for(More)
Definitions and properties of a complete binary tree and a binary search tree are well known [1]. This short paper discusses a method to construct a binary search tree which is also a complete binary tree. We call such a tree a Complete Binary Search Tree, a CBS Tree for short. Two basic advantages of a CBS tree are that it is a search tree with minimum(More)
Students become appreciative of dynamically allocated storage structures when they are led to see problems. Further , students become skillful manipulators of linked lists only by implementing them. A good discussion on linked lists is found in [2]. Linked lists are introduced at the beginning of CS2, which is before students have seen trees and become(More)
To address national needs for computer security education, many universities have incorporated computer and security courses into their undergraduate and graduate curricula. Our department has introduced computer security courses at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. This paper describes our approach, our experiences, and lessons learned in(More)
Master in Computer Science programs (MS-CS) are critically important in producing competitive IT professionals and preparing students for doctorate research. A major challenge is how to integrate the latest computing technologies into MS-CS programs without compromising the computer science foundation education. This paper shares Pace University's study and(More)
We hereby certify that this dissertation, submitted by Amogh Vijay Pandit, satisfies the dissertation requirement of the Masters degree of Computer Science has been approved.
In the last ten years, the Internet has become an important component of the global economy and security has emerged as a important part of the Information Technology professions. It is clear that universities and colleges must start preparing professionals ready to take on these challenges in the workplace. NSA is actively encouraging universities and(More)
The determination of thiourea and some of its organic derivatives with sodium vanadate, hexacyanoferrate(III), cerium(IV) sulphate, manganese(III) and manganese(IV) is described. A mixture of iodate and iodide is used as catalyst. Ferroin, N-phenylanthranilic acid and p-ethoxychrysoidine can be used as indicators.
There is a lot of debate regarding the causes of declining enrollment in the computer and information sciences. Many believe the apparent loss of jobs in the information technology sector can be blamed for the dramatic decline in enrollments departments have experienced. While the issues of dot-com implosions and offshore outsourcing make the headlines, it(More)
Amba Kulkarni, a mathematician by training, did most of her research in Computational Linguistics for South Asian languages. For many years, she was working at IIT Kanpur in the team of Pr Rajiv Sangal, one of the main Indian scientists in Natural Language Understanding and Artificial Intelligence, now Head of IIIT Hyderabad. She is among other things the(More)