Narayan Chandra Saha

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Rapid economic growth of the Khasia people has resulted from a most successful betel leaf farming system practiced within the fringe of reserved forests, where government policies have facilitated effective use of the local people as a labour force for production, protection and conservation of biodiversity of the surrounding forests. Khasia tribes have(More)
OBJECTIVE Since the underlying mechanisms of febrile seizure (FS) having multi-factorial aetiology yet remains unclear, we conducted this prospectively designed cross-sectional study to determine if there was any simultaneous change in zinc (Zn) concentration (conc.) in serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) among the FS children in comparison to their matched(More)
Throughout the world ornamentation of body with mehedi (Lawsonia inermis L.) leaf paste, with the trade name ‘henna body art’ is becoming increasingly popular. The worldwide increasing demand of mehedi leaf encourages many countries to adopt commercial farming of the plant. Farmers living in central Bangladesh recently commenced small-scale mehedi farming,(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify pyridoxine responsive seizures among children with early onset intractable seizures, and to identify pyridoxine-dependency as a subset in this group. METHODS Patients with neonatal onset idiopathic, intractable seizures were identified over a 6-month period and subjected to a 'pyridoxine trial', at the Pediatric Neurology Clinic of a(More)
A study was conducted on small-scale enterprises based on murta (Schumannianthus dichotoma (Sal.) Willd.) in Gowainghat upazila (sub-district) to investigate their nature, profitability and sustainability. The study area was selected purposively while a general random sampling method was followed to select individual respondents. About 94% people are(More)
A study was conducted in Madhupur sal forest of Tangail, Bangladesh to identify the suitable agroforestry practices of the area. Considering the ecological aspects of different agroforestry practices 10 sample plots (10 m × 10 m) from each land uses were taken, including natural forest to get a comparative scenario. The study showed that among the different(More)
Competing interests in land for agriculture and commodity production in tropical human-dominated landscapes make forests and biodiversity conservation particularly challenging. Establishment of protected areas in this regard is not functioning as expected due to exclusive ecological focus and poor recognition of local people’s traditional forest use and(More)
The study aimed to examine for the first time the spectra of viral and bacterial pathogens along with the antibiotic susceptibility of the isolated bacteria in under-5 children with acute respiratory infections (ARIs) in hospital settings of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Nasal swabs were collected from 200 under-five children hospitalized with clinical signs of ARIs.(More)
Atypical manifestation of Huntington's disease (HD) could inform ongoing research into HD genetic modifiers not present in the primarily European populations studied to date. This work demonstrates that expanding HD genetic testing into under-resourced healthcare settings can benefit both local communities and ongoing research into HD etiology and new(More)