Naratip Wongkomet

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Efficiency Enhancement Techniques for CMOS RF Power Amplifiers by Naratip Wongkomet Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering – Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences University of California, Berkeley Professor Paul R. Gray, Chair Growth in the wireless communication market in recent years has been driving the demand for higher integration of CMOS wireless(More)
Full integration of the PA at high efficiency has long been one of the most difficult challenges in achieving low-cost RF transceiver functions in CMOS. Supply voltage diminution as a result of CMOS technology scaling has made this even more difficult. Much of the recent work in CMOS PAs has been targeted at efficiency-enhancement techniques to compensate(More)
A 1.55GHz CMOS RF transmitter with an integrated Class-C Power Amplifier (PA) is described. The transmitter uses Cartesian Feedback to meet EDGE linearity requirements and integrates a direct-conversion modulator, PA, LO phase shifter, feedback mixers and baseband loop filter in a 0.18μm CMOS process. The transmitter produces an 18dBm EDGE modulated output(More)
Future Maskless Lithography systems will require high throughput circuitry to interface to the writers. Previous works have demonstrated architectures for LZ decompression architectures to decrease chip pin count [1]. In this work we will compare compression done systolically and non-systolically at the circuit level. Furthermore, we analyze different(More)
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