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Rats raised in an enriched condition (EC) exhibit alterations in the neurobiological and behavioral response to nicotine compared with rats reared in an impoverished condition (IC) or a standard(More)
HIV-1 Tat protein plays a crucial role in perturbations of the dopamine (DA) system. Our previous studies have demonstrated that Tat decreases DA uptake, and allosterically modulates DA transporter(More)
Smoking is known to exacerbate HIV-1 pathogenesis, especially in monocytes, through the oxidative stress pathway. Exosomes are known to alter HIV-1 pathogenesis through inter-cellular communication.(More)
Cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes metabolize the majority of xenobiotics and are mainly found in hepatic and some extra-hepatic cells. However, their presence and functional role in exosomes, small(More)