Narasimalu Srikanth

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Sol-gel coatings with different roughness and surface energy were prepared on glass substrates. Methyl triethoxysilane (MTEOS), 3-Glycidyloxypropyl trimethoxysilane (GLYMO) and fluoroalkylsilane (FAS) were used to obtain a mechanically robust icephobic coating. Different amount of hydrophobic silica nano particles was added as fillers to introduce different(More)
Levels of various cytochrome P450 proteins have been reported to be decreased to varying degrees in chemically induced hepatocyte nodules and following partial hepatectomy (PH). By screening a rat liver lambda ZAP cDNA expression library with antibodies raised against a partially purified preparation of cytochrome P450 isolated from untreated male Fischer(More)
The present study was aimed to investigate the possible interaction of the standardized extract of Acorus calamus (AC) with Cytochrome P450 enzyme, quantitative determination of the α-asarone in the AC rhizome was performed by RP-HPLC method. In vitro interaction of the plant extract was evaluated by CYP450-carbon monoxide complex (CYP450-CO) assay. Effect(More)
Short-term electricity load forecasting plays an important role in the energy market as accurate forecasting is beneficial for power dispatching, unit commitment, fuel allocation and so on. This paper reviews a few single hidden layer network configurations with random weights (RWSLFN). The RWSLFN was extended to eight variants based on the presence or(More)
Wind energy is a clean and an abundant renewable energy source. Accurate wind speed forecasting is essential for power dispatch planning, unit commitment decision, maintenance scheduling, and regulation. However, wind is intermittent and wind speed is difficult to predict. This brief proposes a novel wind speed forecasting method by integrating empirical(More)
The cytotoxicity of the potent antibiotic and antitumor agent mitomycin C (MMC) is due to its irreversible binding to DNA. Alkylating species generated by bioreductive activation of MMC are known to cause monoadducts and cross-links in DNA by specifically binding to guanine residues. To gain insight into how these lesions lead to base- and sequence-specific(More)
AZ31 nanocomposite containing carbon nanotube (CNT) reinforcement was fabricated using solidification processing followed by hot extrusion. The CNT reinforcement was integrated with AZ31 using an Al foil method. The AZ31 nanocomposite exhibited slightly smaller grain and intermetallic particle sizes than monolithic AZ31, reasonable CNT distribution,(More)
The cyclophosphamide metabolite, acrolein, binds to both nucleic acids and proteins. In this report, acrolein is shown to interact preferentially with a rat liver 35KD DNA-binding protein. The 35KD protein was purified to homogeneity from a hepatic microsomal fraction using (NH4)2SO4 precipitation, DEAE-Sepharose chromatography, cation exchange HPLC, and(More)