Narander Kumar

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To find the unknown and hidden pattern from large amount of data of insurance organizations. There are strong customer base required with the help of large database. Cluster Analysis is an excellent statistical tool for a large and multivariate database. The clusters analysis with K-Means method may be used to develop the model which is useful to find the(More)
Cloud data centres improve CPU utilization of their servers (physical machines or PMs) through Virtualization (virtual machines or VMs). Over virtualised and under virtualized PMs suffer performance degradation and power dissipation respectively. This work presents a stochastic modular scheme for allocating VM requests to a PM by avoiding overloading of PM(More)
In cloud computing environment there are so many resources, these resources are differ each other in terms of bandwidth, RAM, memory etc. In cloud environment the main objective is how to allocate these resources in an efficient way in order to get minimum or optimal cost. For allocating resources efficiently we need assignment problem and there are various(More)
For secure and reliable data transmission over the network from unauthorized users in a Communication system, there are various type of cryptographic algorithm has been introduced but RSA is the most famous cryptographic algorithm in these entire cryptographic algorithm. It involves the encryption decryption key generation. In this paper we provide a modify(More)
In cloud computing Environment creates a huge amount of requests for the same type of resources according to the future plan. This situation created many problems, challenges and issues in a cloud computing Environment. To handle such huge amount of requests of resources in dynamic and heterogeneous cloud computing environment, so require such scheduling(More)
Efficient management of resources in a federation of interacting computing servers and devices, for example, in a cloud computing environment, requires a load-balancing system that is self-regulatory and oblivious in nature. Due to the increasing size of data centers and their distribution across the globe, centralized load-balancing approaches suffer(More)
In the modern technology of communication architecture, network on chip is widely used as communication architecture. Network on chip topologies are becoming a backbone of communication architectures. Network on chip provides a good integration of huge amount of storage on chip blocks as well as computational also. Network on chip handled the unfavorable(More)
The progress of data exchange in the electronic way increases the requirement of data security. Since data security needs more resources to access stored the information this leads to new mechanism and algorithm. Therefore the researcher interest moves to provide different techniques for security concern. There are various mechanisms available in the(More)
In the data communication, the intriguing issue to provide data security and these led to comprise the many areas including the impregnable medium and trusted third party to maintain a database and various types of encryption techniques. These are main inducement of researchers in this area to protect the data from unauthorized users for malicious purpose.(More)