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Host innate immune responses to DNA viruses involve members of the nucleotide-binding domain, leucine-rich repeat and pyrin domain containing protein (NLRP) family, which form "inflammasomes" that activate caspase-1, resulting in proteolytic activation of cytokines interleukin (IL)-1β and IL-18. We hypothesized that DNA viruses would target inflammasomes to(More)
String synthesis [1-3] is an efficient and cheap manual method for preparation of combinatorial libraries by using macroscopic solid support units. Sorting the units between two synthetic steps is an important operation of the procedure. The software developed to guide sorting can be used only when complete combinatorial libraries are prepared. Since very(More)
The recent combinatorial approach in synthetic organic chemistry started a new age in drug discovery. The generation of compound libraries in combination with high-throughput screening has become the method of choice for the production of new pharmacological leads for chemical optimization. Characterization and separation of such pool of compounds have been(More)
The K7L gene product of the smallpox virus is a protease implicated in the maturation of viral proteins. K7L belongs to protease Clan CE, which includes distantly related cysteine proteases from eukaryotes, pathogenic bacteria, and viruses. Here, we describe its recombinant high level expression, biochemical mechanism, substrate preference, and regulation.(More)
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