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A novel haloarchaeal strain, Haloarcula sp. strain D1, grew aerobically on 4-hydroxybenzoic acid (4HBA) as a sole carbon and energy source and is the first member of the domain Archaea reported to do(More)
The biotransformation of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) naphthalene and phenanthrene was investigated by using two dioxygenase-expressing bacteria, Pseudomonas sp. strain 9816/11 and(More)
Nine different sulfur-containing compounds were biotransformed to the corresponding sulfoxides by Escherichia coli Bl21(DE3) cells expressing styrene monooxygenase (SMO) from Pseudomonas putida CA-3.(More)
The absolute configurations of 2-cyclohexenone cis-diol metabolites resulting from the biotransformation of the corresponding phenols have been determined by comparison of their experimental and(More)
cis-Dihydrodiols of anthracene and benz[a]anthracene, and acetonide derivatives of the cis-dihydrodiols of benzene, fluorobenzene, biphenyl and phenanthrene have been identified as substrates for(More)