Nara Mendes Martins

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BACKGROUND Oral tumor resections cause articulation deficiencies, depending on the site, extent of resection, type of reconstruction, and tongue stump mobility. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the speech intelligibility of patients undergoing total, subtotal, or partial glossectomy, before and after speech therapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-seven patients (24(More)
BACKGROUND The swallowing deficits that result from oral or oropharyngeal resections vary considerably depending on the site, extension of the resection, and type of reconstruction. Most patients will experience some degree of dysphagia despite the reconstructive effort. Furthermore, a glossectomy is frequently associated with voice and speech difficulties.(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the use of magnetic resonance as a new method for evaluating the manual lymphatic drainage technique in treating cellulitis. Cellulitis is one of the main esthetic problems that lead women toward seeking guidance and specific treatments. There are various therapeutic approaches, owing to the multifactorial nature of its(More)
[1]. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Laboratório Clínico, Departamento de Ciências da Saúde, Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões, Santo Ângelo, RS. [2]. Departamento de Patologia, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Santa Maria, RS. [3]. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Farmacologia, Centro de Ciências da Saúde, Departamento de(More)
This study investigated the influence of digital manipulation of a composite resin (Z250; 3M ESPE, St Paul, MN, USA) with gloves contaminated with powder and/or human stimulated saliva on the mechanical properties and incremental layer debonding of the restorative. The six groups tested were powdered gloves with or without saliva, powder-free gloves with or(More)
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