Naphtali A O'Connor

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Two young autistic children of normal intelligence were tested repeatedly for their reading ability. Their comprehension was appropriate for their developmental status, however, they had reading speeds that were considerably faster than those of their age-matched normal controls. Randomizing word order, and thereby reducing meaningfulness, resulted in an(More)
Five idiots savants whose artistic output was judged to be at art school entrance standard were matched for performance and verbal IQ with control subjects who had no special artistic talent. Each subject was given tests of reproductive skill with both concrete pictures and unfamiliar and unnameable geometric designs. They were also asked to draw a man, and(More)
Eight idiot savant calendrical calculators were tested on dates in the years 1963, 1973, 1983, 1986 and 1993. The study was carried out in 1983. Speeds of correct response were minimal in 1983 and increased markedly into the past and the future. The response time increase was matched by an increase in errors. Speeds of response were uncorrelated with(More)
The three experiments described aimed to establish whether the achievements of idiot savant calendrical calculators were based solely on rote memory and arithmetical procedures, or whether these subjects also used rule-based strategies. It was found that, although different structural calendar regularities were tested by using differing experimental(More)
PURPOSE To describe the practice patterns of adult nurse practitioner students using a database composed of core health data elements and standardized nursing language. DESIGN Descriptive study of 3,733 patient visits documented by 19 adult nurse practitioner students in the academic year 1996-1997. METHODS A database was designed for documenting the(More)