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Eight idiot savant calendrical calculators were tested on dates in the years 1963, 1973, 1983, 1986 and 1993. The study was carried out in 1983. Speeds of correct response were minimal in 1983 and increased markedly into the past and the future. The response time increase was matched by an increase in errors. Speeds of response were uncorrelated with(More)
Here we report on a phenanthridine derivative which has a covalently linked fluorescein molecule in order to increase the light absorption and hence fluorescence signal intensity when bound to duplex RNA. Steady-state fluorescence shows that the energy transfer efficiency from the fluorescein to the phenanthridine fluorophore is approximately 77%, which(More)
A young man with diagnosed hydrocephalic brain injury was found to be an able linguist. His ability to translate into English from French, German, and Spanish was confirmed to be at a high level, and his capacity to express thoughts and describe scenes in these languages was also verified. A set of translations of the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test was(More)
Accounts of musical ability in idiots-savants have up till now been confined to stressing the astounding musical memory which such persons may possess. The present study investigates compositional and improvisational skills in five idiots-savants. The findings interpreted as indicating that a representational system of musical rules and structures is(More)
The three experiments described aimed to establish whether the achievements of idiot savant calendrical calculators were based solely on rote memory and arithmetical procedures, or whether these subjects also used rule-based strategies. It was found that, although different structural calendar regularities were tested by using differing experimental(More)
The memory organization of six autistic mnemonists was investigated in two experiments. The first of these provided some evidence that the material of special interest to the subjects, in the present instance bus numbers, was stored in memory in a categorized form. The second study showed that though the idiot-savant mnemonists did not differ from controls(More)