Naoyuki Nishimura

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The application of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as biomaterials is of wide interest, and studies examining their application in medicine have had considerable significance. Biological safety is the most important factor when considering the clinical application of CNTs as biomaterials, and various toxicity evaluations are required. Among these evaluations,(More)
To ensure the persistence of populations and species that maintain unique biodiversity in suburban landscapes, it is necessary to establish an efficient management system for abandoned suburban secondary forests. Thinning operations seem to be an effective management approach to inhibiting the progress of forest succession, which could lower the level of(More)
Structures and dynamics of old-growth coniferous stands are affected by several types of disturbances including typhoons. We report the forest dynamics of four old-growth Chamaecyparis stands in central Japan that differ in the disturbance history of typhoons over a period of 23 years. The stem number, basal area and mortality were examined. In a(More)
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