Naoyuki Miyano

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The effects of various disinfectants and hot water on planktonic cells and biofilm cells of Burkholderia cepacia were investigated. The survival rate of viable B. cepacia cells in suspension decreased to 0.001% or lower within 15 s of exposure to 0.5% benzalkonium chloride, within 30 s of exposure to 0.5% alkyldiaminoethyl glycine, or within 1 min of(More)
We macroscopically observed vials of vancomycin hydrochloride (VCM) for injection (0.5 g/vial) dissolved in various solvents, and determined the presence or absence of residual VCM crystals. In addition, the residual VCM in vials after use was measured using a bioassay. In vials evaluated after use, the percentage of vials in which VCM crystals were(More)
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