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60GHz and 80GHz-band power amplifier (PA) MMICs have been developed on a standard 90nm CMOS technology for use in RF front-ends of wide-band, low-cost communication and/or radar systems. A 60GHz three-stage PA and a 80GHz five-stage PA, both with single-ended architecture, have demonstrated saturated output powers of 12.6dBm and 10.3dBm with linear gains of(More)
Whole-body force sensation with a simple configuration is desirable for robots in human environment. This paper deals with a force sensor-based whole-body force sensing technique of robots and expand it to arbitrary shape end-effectors. Previous techniques could not deal with a non-convex-shaped end-effector since multiple candidates of contact points exist(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the prevalence and range of iridotrabecular contact (ITC) in eyes with a shallow peripheral anterior chamber (AC) by using anterior segment swept-source optical coherence tomography (AS-SS-OCT) and to compare the results with those obtained with ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) and gonioscopy. METHODS Forty-three shallow peripheral AC(More)
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