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Two source codes of earthquake generation module in GeoFEM have been installed into Earth Simulator and the following tuning has been done. One is to simulate quasi-static earthquake cycle and the other is to simulate dynamic rupture propagation. The dynamic rupture propagation analysis code starts the computation after the stress accumulation in the(More)
A numerical simulation study is conducted to examine the effect of a large outer-rise earthquake on seismic cycle of large interplate earthquakes in a subduction zone. A model of 2D uniform elastic half-space is set up to exactly evaluate static elastic interactions. The frictional force acting on a plate interface is assumed to obey a laboratory-derived(More)
Some image enlarging methods use extrapolation of high-frequency components. The image enlarging method using the Bezier surface has been proposed, where it is assumed that each pixel has energy. The pixel energy is invariant during the enlarging process. We propose a new method using the B-spline surface, and evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed(More)
We are developing a geometric inference system on Internet. A rough geometric figure drawn by a student is transformed into an ideal one that satisfies the assumptions. The system extracts particular patterns in this figure and tries to connect the assumptions and the conclusion. The present paper extends the visualization of the proof by introducing a(More)
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