Naoyuki Kato

Kozo Matsubayashi1
Toshitaka Nakahara1
Keizo Yamaguchi1
1Kozo Matsubayashi
1Toshitaka Nakahara
1Keizo Yamaguchi
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During rain, transient puddles form on roads, and this water is splashed into the air by moving vehicles. To determine whether this water contains Legionella pneumophila, we collected samples from roads. We found that L. pneumophila are abundant in these puddles, especially during warm weather.
We are developing a geometric inference system on Internet. A rough geometric figure drawn by a student is transformed into an ideal one that satisfies the assumptions. The system extracts particular patterns in this figure and tries to connect the assumptions and the conclusion. The present paper extends the visualization of the proof by introducing a(More)
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