Naoya Watanabe

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Our purpose was to evaluate diffusion-weighted (DW) echo-planar MRI in differentiating between brain abscess and tumour. We examined two patients with surgically confirmed pyogenic brain abscess and 18 with metastatic brain tumours or high-grade glioma, using a 1.5 T system. The apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) of each necrotic or solid(More)
We studied 35 patients with lacunar infarcts, using diffusion-weighted echo-planar imaging (DW-EPI) at 1.5 T. The relative apparent diffusion coefficient ratio (ADCR) of each lesion was calculated and lesion conspicuity on DW-EPI was compared to that on images aquired with fast fluid-attenuated inversion recovery and T2-weighted fast spin-echo sequences.(More)
We observed whether or not there were eggs, larvae, pupae, and empty pupal shells of flies on cadavers found outdoors in Sapporo, the northern district of Japan (43 degrees N). The temperature has an influence on the oviposition of flies. The average season in which flies lay eggs is from the middle of April to the beginning of November, although there is a(More)
One of the advantages of atomic force microscopy (AFM) is that it can accurately measure the heights of targets on flat substrates. It is difficult, however, to determine the shape of nanoparticles on rough surfaces. We therefore propose a curvature-reconstruction method that estimates the sizes of particles by fitting sphere curvatures acquired from raw(More)
An 18-Mb full ternary CAM with low-voltage matchline sensing scheme (LVMLSS) is designed and fabricated in 65-nm bulk CMOS process. LVMLSS has three key techniques: voltage down converter, differential sense amplifier with matchline isolation, and reference voltage generation scheme. With these techniques, LVMLSS can reduce the dynamic power consumption of(More)
This paper presents the novel frequency tunable CRLH-TL (Composite Right/Left-Handed transmission line) using varactor diodes for the reconfigurable wireless systems. Varactor diodes are implemented into the CRLH unit cell as the series capacitor. Proposed frequency tunable CRLH-TL indicates the variable EBG (Electromagnetic Band Gap) bandwidths with(More)