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The mean-squared error (MSE) behavior for Fourier linear combiner (FLC)-based filters is analyzed, using the independence assumption. The advantage of this analysis is its simplicity compared with previous results. The MSE transient behavior for this kind of filters is also presented for the first time. Moreover, a time-varying sequence for the least mean(More)
In this paper we present a new blind separation of sources (BSS) algorithm based on second order statistics (SOS) and geometrical approaches. The new algorithm can separate multisources from their instantaneous mixtures obtained by multisensors. In the case of p sources and p sensors, the algorithm can be decomposed into p steps: First, one should transform(More)
In this paper, we develop a free space detection algorithm for the visual navigation of the autonomous robot mounting a catadioptiric omnidirectional imaging system. The algorithm detects the dominant plane as the free space from a sequence of omnidirectional images captured by a camera mounted on the autonomous robot. The dominant plane, which can be(More)