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A cylindrical bioelectrochemical reactor (BER) containing carbon fiber textiles (CFT; BER + CFT) has characteristics of bioelectrochemical and packed-bed systems. In this study, utility of a cylindrical BER + CFT for degradation of a garbage slurry and recovery of biogas was investigated by applying 10% dog food slurry. The working electrode potential was(More)
The membraneless bioelectrochemical reactor (Ml-BER) is useful for dark hydrogen fermentation. The effect of the electrochemical reaction on microorganisms in the Ml-BER was investigated using glucose as the substrate and compared with organisms in a membraneless non-bioelectrochemical reactor (Ml-NBER) and bioelectrochemical reactor (BER) with a proton(More)
The present study investigated instabilities of immiscible liquid-liquid two-phase laminar flow in micro channel systems. Four representative flow patterns, i.e. stratified flow, stratified wavy flow, stratified flow with inclined interface and annular flow, were observed due to the difference of channel dimension of the organic-phase flow and physical(More)
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