Naoya Miyashita

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The early stage of volcanic desert succession is underway on the southeastern slope of Mount Fuji. We used markers of nuclear microsatellites (simple sequence repeats; SSR) and chloroplast microsatellites (cpSSR) to investigate the population genetic structure and reproduction dynamics of Salix reinii, one of the dominant pioneer shrubs in this area. The(More)
Robinia pseudoacacia L. is a clonal tree species. To investigate a mutation within eight microsatellite loci of R. pseudoacacia, we analyzed DNA samples obtained from different leaf samples within each ramet, leaves from ramets within the genet, and seeds. Of the eight loci, locus Rops15 (AG motif) displayed hypermutability. The mutation rates of Rops15(More)
Microsatellite analysis was used to investigate the patch establishment and development of Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. et Zucc, a clonal herbaceous plant that dominates the primary succession on the southeast slope of Mount Fuji. Genotypes of P. cuspidatum in 155 patches at the study site differed from each other. This indicates that P. cuspidatum patches(More)
Lung fibroblasts participate in the pathogenesis of respiratory diseases, including lung cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. Although fibroblasts are ubiquitous constituents of various organs, their cellular diversity among different organs has been poorly characterized. Here, we aimed to investigate the distinct gene signature of lung fibroblasts that(More)
Transcriptional coactivator with PDZ-binding motif (TAZ) regulates a variety of biological processes. Nuclear translocation and activation of TAZ are regulated by multiple mechanisms, including actin cytoskeleton and mechanical forces. TAZ is involved in lung alveolarization during lung development and Taz-heterozygous mice are resistant to(More)
In surface computing, one of the most important requirements is tracking an object placed on the surface and manipulating information related to that object. To recognize objects, the most popular technique is marker tracking using techniques such as RFID, tag-like TarckMate[Kumpf 2009] and so on. The issues with marker tracking are the effort required to(More)
Computed tomography demonstrated a giant saphenous vein graft aneurysm that compressed the right atrium of a 72-year-old woman 20 years after undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting. Angiography revealed contrast medium leakage in the mid-portion of the graft aneurysm. Aneurysmectomy was performed without repeat grafting. Postoperative myocardial(More)
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