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This paper describes an MPEG-2 encoder architecture based on a hard-wired LSI with a control MPU. All basic functions of MPEG-2 MP@ML video compression are integrated in the dedicated LSI. For the motion estimation, a horizontally subsampled, diamond search was employed as a sim-plied rst search step. It can reduce operations to 20% of the full-search, with(More)
We previously developed a new enzyme-targeting radiosensitization treatment named Kochi Oxydol-Radiation Therapy for Unresectable Carcinomas, Type II (KORTUC II), which contains hydrogen peroxide and sodium hyaluronate for injection into various types of tumors. For breast cancer treatment, the radiosensitization agent was injected into the tumor tissue(More)
Excess acquisition counts were often obtained by the current image acquisition of 30 minutes after 123I-ioflupane administration in a dopamine transporter study. The purpose of this study was to calculate the minimum acquisition time while retaining sufficient image quality, which could be adjusted for individual characteristics. Fifty patients who(More)
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