Naoya Hasebe

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In this paper, we present an integrating sphere instrument for absolute luminescence quantum yield measurements from the visible to near-infrared (NIR) spectral region (λ = 350-1650 nm). The integrating sphere is equipped with a Xe light source and two spectrally corrected multichannel analyzers using a back-thinned charge-coupled device (CCD) and InGaAs(More)
In this study, we report a preparation and an aggregate emission behavior of an amphiphilic donor-acceptor dye, which is composed of a triphenylamine-benzothiadiazole donor-acceptor chromophore and two water-soluble hexa(ethylene glycol) chains. The dye is strongly fluorescent in nonpolar solutions such as cyclohexane and toluene, whereas the emission(More)
π-Extended thiadiazoles 4-8 fused with various electron-donating heteroaromatic moieties have been designed and synthesized. Just like thiadiazoles 1-3 synthesized previously, 4-8 exhibit intramolecular charge-transfer (CT) interactions, moderate-to-good fluorescence quantum yields of up to 0.78, and electrochemical amphoterism. In comparison with 1-3, the(More)
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