Naoufel Moussa

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In this paper, we present computer simulation results of traffic flow on a two-lane roadway with different types of vehicles, cars and trucks for example. We consider two classes of two-lane traffic cellular automaton models, namely the well known Nagel-Schreckenberg model and an extension of the Fukui-Ishibashi model. These two models, which differ in(More)
With the increased use and advances in the field of wireless networking, many issues are being confronted. One major issue is the transmission of video and audio over wireless networks. In wireless mobile networks, the range of possible scenarios, and the traffic load generated by their typical applications give principal key aspects that make challenges to(More)
This paper presents a new approach to support evaluating a set of objects on a hierarchy of qualitative criteria. Evaluating an object on a node with respect to its evaluations on the sub-nodes is formulated as a multicriteria classification problem where the levels of the node's scale correspond to the ordered classes. Different multicriteria(More)
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