Naoufel Debbabi

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In this paper, we propose a novel optimization approach for Amplify-and-Forward (AF) relaying schemes. In previous works, we have optimized the AF relaying scheme carried on a symbol-by-symbol basis. Here, we focus on AF and Incremental AF (IAF) schemes, operating on a packet-by-packet basis. The optimization is carried out while keeping the additional(More)
In radio mobile cellular networks, the users located at the cell border suffer from a bad quality of service (QoS). Cooperative communication is a promising technique that can overcome this weakness by allowing these users to profit from powerful benefits of spatial diversity. Nevertheless, abstraction is usually made on the impact of the additional(More)
In this paper, we define a multi-access interference (MAI) cost that can assess the extra interference, inherent to relaying use and perceived by the whole cellular network. This MAI cost shadows an implicit and smart power control for CDMA uplink communications. In fact, this cost takes into account not only the reception quality required at the serving(More)
Cooperative communication is a promising technique to enhance the system performance by exploiting the spatial diversity provided by the relay use. Incremental relaying techniques are proposed to limit the resources use to only bad channel conditions. In this paper, we deal with AF and IAF performance optimization for uplink Orthogonal Frequency Division(More)
This paper deals with the throughput maximization for a new cooperative relaying scheme combined with an adaptive modulation technique. More precisely, we propose a new adaptive Decode-Remodulate-and-Forward (DRF) scheme where the relay decodes and remodulates the received signal with the appropriate modulation scheme before relaying it to the destination.(More)
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