Naoufal Gaddour

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There has been a decline in the mortality rate among infants and children under five years of age in the last decade in many developing countries. This has led to a shift in focus to look beyond survival to the prevention or reduction of impairment and promotion of children's health. With the apparent rise in the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders(More)
Diogenes syndrome is a behavioural disorder of the elderly. Symptoms include living in extreme squalor, a neglected physical state and unhygienic conditions. This is accompanied by a self-imposed isolation, the refusal of external help and a tendency to accumulate heteroclite objects. This particular geriatric syndrome has been described for the first time(More)
329 The issue of sub-specialization within a developing world setting has been raised as an issue for developing world psychiatrists. 1 The current editorial poses the question as to whether sub specialists in child and adolescent psychiatry are a luxury or a necessity. In a continent where over 50% of the population are children and adolescents and one in(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent research postulated that temperaments represent the subclinical foundations of affective disorders, and an early clue for a recurrent, prebipolar disorder. Akiskal et al. operationalized five types of temperaments: depressive, hyperthymic, irritable, cyclothymic and anxious. The aims of this study were to compare the affective(More)
BACKGROUND Neurological soft signs (NSS) include anomalies in motor integration, coordination, sensory integration and lateralization and could be endophenotypic markers in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Their characterization provides a more precise phenotype of ASD and more homogeneous subtypes to facilitate clinical and genetic research. Few scales for(More)
OBJECTIVES The multidimensional aspect of the concept of impulsivity is proven by the composite structure of the rating scales of impulsivity. Several studies have already found correlations between trait-impulsivity and externalizing disorders. However, the studies interested in the relationship between trait-impulsivity and internalizing problems are(More)
We report on the cytogenetic and molecular characterization of a constitutional de novo ring chromosome 22 (r(22)) in 2 unrelated patients with emphasis on different hypotheses proposed to explain the phenotypic variability characterizing this genomic disorder. In both patients, molecular investigations using FISH and array-CGH techniques revealed a 22q(More)
BACKGROUND Thymic tumors are rare representing 19 % of mediastinal masses. They are associated with several parathymic conditions. The association of thymic tumors with systemic lupus erythematosus has rarely been described. OBSERVATION We report the case of a 20-year-old woman who presented with a sero-fibrinous bilateral exudative pleural effusion(More)
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