Naotoshi Osaka

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We are studying an objective evaluation model called OPINE (overall performance index model for network evaluation) for telephone transmission quality. The model estimates an MOS (mean opinion score) by summing psychological values on independent psychological factors, given the physical values of fundamental listening factors such as loss and noise. For(More)
Sound morphing is one of the successful synthesis technologies for recent computer music, and several studies have been reported on this subject. We have proposed a sound morphing algorithm based on a sinusoidal model. In this paper, a correspondence search algorithm is improved, which is core technology of morphing based on a sinusoidal model. Then wider(More)
Genesynth is an analysis/synthesis framework that uses a genetic algorithm to search for a noise band sound model. The framework is written as an open source C++ tool, which allows for both the modification and resynthesis of found sound models and also genealogical exploration of the generations of sound variations created as a side effect of the genetic(More)