Naoto Yamade

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A boosting pass gate (BPG) suitable for a programmable routing switch including a c-axis aligned crystal In-Ga-Zn-O (CAAC-IGZO) field effect transistor (FET) is proposed. The CAAC-IGZO is one of(More)
Normally-off computing (Noff computing) using a multicontext field programmable gate array (MC-FPGA) consisting of crystalline oxide semiconductor FETs has been developed. The Noff computing(More)
PURPOSE Extramammary Paget's disease is a rare dermatosis. Wide local excision is recommended in patients with perianal extramammary Paget's disease. After wide local excision, it is necessary to do(More)
A vision sensor used to capture motion must operate with very low power when used in sensor networks where power is very limited. Frame-based [1] and event-driven [2,3] vision sensors have been(More)