Naoto Morikawa

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This paper presents the results of the 3D Shape Retrieval Contest 2010 (SHREC'10) track Protein Models Classification. The aim of this track is to evaluate how well 3D shape recognition algorithms can classify protein structures according to the CATH [CSL * 08] superfamily classification. Five groups participated in this track, using a total of six methods,(More)
Local protein structure analysis is informative to protein structure analysis and has been used successfully in protein structure prediction and others. Proteins have recurring structural features, such as helix caps and beta turns, which often have strong amino acid sequence preferences. And the challenges for local structure analysis have been(More)
This paper proposes a new mathematical framework that can be applied to biological problems such as analysis of the structures of proteins and protein complexes. In particular, it gives a new method for encoding the three-dimensional structure of a protein into a binary sequence, where proteins are approximated by a folded tetrahedron sequence. It also(More)
In nature the three-dimensional structure of a protein is encoded in the corresponding gene. In this paper we describe a new method for encoding the three-dimensional structure of a protein into a binary sequence. The feature of the method is the correspondence between protein-folding and " integration ". A protein is approximated by a folded tetrahedron(More)
BACKGROUND Cisplatin (CDDP) is used as a key anticancer drug for solid cancers, including lung cancer. However, a large quantity of fluid replacement is required to prevent renal dysfunction. This requirement have made outpatient chemotherapies including CDDP administration less popular among the available therapeutic options. We designed a short-term(More)
A protein is a sequence of amino-acids of length typically less than 1, 000, where there are 20 kinds of amino-acids. In nature, each protein is folded into a well-defined three-dimensional structure, the native structure, and its functional properties are largely determined by the structure. Since many important cellular functions are carried out by(More)
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