Naoto Matsumoto

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INTRODUCTION Acetamiprid is a potent and a relatively new neonicotinoid insecticide. Animal studies have indicated that it has a low toxicity to mammals. Despite wide usage, human exposure resulting in toxicity is quite limited, and this is the first report in the English literature about acute acetamiprid poisoning in humans. CASE DETAILS We herein(More)
Interaction between the execution process of eye movement and that of hand movement must be indispensable for eye-hand coordination. The present study investigated corticospinal excitability in the hand muscles during the premotor processes of eye and/or hand movement to elucidate interaction between these processes. Healthy humans performed a precued(More)
A twenty-six-year male who presented with a consciousness disturbance induced by the ingestion of an estimated 7g of hydroxyzine. He demonstrated bipolar symptoms which consisted of both stupor and excitement, and both an increase in muscle tension and apnea, however, these symptoms improved after the infusion of diazepam. He was diagnosed to demonstrate(More)
Although rehabilitation for patients with cancer is currently being provided throughout all phases of the disease, including the advanced stage, much remains unknown about the needs of such patients. The aims of this study were to identify the supportive care and unmet needs of cancer patients receiving rehabilitation interventions and to investigate the(More)
Cytohesin-1 is the guanine-nucleotide exchange factor of Arf6, a small GTPase of Arf family, and participates in cellular morphological changes. Knockout mice of cytohesin-1 exhibit decreased myelination of neuronal axons in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) "Phosphorylation of cytohesin-1 by Fyn is required for initiation of myelination and the extent of(More)
BACKGROUND A high density area (HDA) that may represent ingested drugs was detected in the stomach of a patient with a drug overdose (OD) by computed tomography (CT). However, there is no prior evidence that drugs can be visualized as an HDA by abdominal CT. We investigated whether drugs can be imaged as an HDA by CT. METHODS Ten tablets, 5 tablets, 1(More)
The objective of this study was to develop a new simplified method using thin-layer chromatography (TLC) for determining isoniazid (INH) compliance in patients receiving antituberculosis chemotherapy. TLC was performed on silica gel plates using a standard solution of INH and acetylisoniazid (AcINH) and ethyl acetate-methanol (70:30 v/v) as the developing(More)
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