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The activity of the lateral pterygoid muscle has been regarded to be related to the pathological condition of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in the craniomandibular disorders. Because the lateral pterygoid muscle is a deep muscle, a needle electrode is necessary for EMG recordings. The purpose of this study was to establish a non-invasive method for the(More)
To evaluate the role of the masticatory area in the cerebral cortex in the masticatory-salivary reflex, we investigated submandibular salivary secretion, jaw-movement trajectory and electromyographic activity of the jaw-opener (digastric) and jaw-closer (masseter) muscles evoked by repetitive electrical stimulation of the cortical masticatory area in(More)
Photostability of cold gas-phase tryptophan (Trp) enantiomers in L-serine (L-Ser) clusters at 8 K as a model for interstellar molecular clouds was examined using a tandem mass spectrometer containing a cold ion trap to investigate the hypothesis that homochirality in gas-phase Ser clusters promotes the enantiomeric enrichment of other amino acids via(More)
The objectives of this study were (1) to establish a reliable method for detecting the force threshold of the tooth tactile sensation while avoiding experimenter bias and (2) to examine the effect of occlusal force loading on the threshold for impulsive force stimulation in subjects with normal dentition. Twenty volunteers participated in this study (10(More)
OBJECTIVE The study aims to investigate the dynamic perception of a force applied to the upper first molar for different rates of force increase. DESIGN Six volunteers (four male and two female; mean age, 27.2±2.4 years) with full natural dentition (except for the third molars) participated in this study. The psychophysical threshold for a force applied(More)
BACKGROUND Sandblasting particles which remain on the surfaces of dental restorations are removed prior to cementation. It is probable that adhesive strength between luting material and sandblasting particle remnants might exceed that with restorative material. If that being the case, blasting particles adhere to sandblasted material surface could be(More)
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