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Demand of electromagnetic transient simulations is increasing, since fault-current analysis and power-quality simulations involving power-electronics converters are required for modern power systems. Among various loads, induction motors are typical rotating loads. The induction motor model available in EMTP uses a predictor-corrector interior point method(More)
A lot of wind farms has been promoted from the viewpoint of the global environmental problem in Japan. These are introduced at the end of transmission line at middle voltage system because the wind blows considerably only in the limited place. Therefore, it is necessary to examine how one wind farm can be introduced to one site in power system from the(More)
The controls such as SVC, STATCOM, etc. are generally used to suppress flicker caused by electric arc furnaces. However, it takes a great amount of time for analysis using EMTP simulation. The developed static analysis method for flicker control uses the sensitivities of the power system and takes the frequency characteristics of arc furnaces and the(More)
The voltage dip has been a problem from the increase of the customer loads such as an electronics devices etc. and the electric power quality needs. This paper shows the voltage analysis system for the customer including dip measures. The first characteristic of this system is to predict the voltage dip performance of customer loads and the effect of(More)
Flicker is generally caused by electric arc furnaces. The measure equipment such as SVC etc. is generally used to suppress flicker below the restriction value in power system. If flicker control performance can be improved by new control scheme, flicker is suppressed. However, the capacity increases by compensating for all the frequency components. This(More)
This paper reports about a new synthesis method for preparing Mg2Si in an efficient way. The intermetallic Mg2Si-phase forms gradually from a mixture of Mg and Si fine powder during exposure to hydrogen atmosphere, which reacts in a vacuum vessel at 350 °C. The resulting powder has the same particle size (100 μm) compared with commercial Mg2Si powder, but(More)
The installation of voltage control equipment such as dynamic voltage restoration (DVR) is to reduce the influence of the voltage dip to customer loads. However, the required capacity of voltage control equipment is often overestimated because customers don't always have precise load type and its approximate capacity. To identify adequate compensation(More)
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