Naoto Fukushima

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This paper introduces the application of a new control method for a nonholonomic underwater vehicle (NUV) which has a scalene ellipsoidal shape and only one actuator. A nonlinear model of an autonomous underwater vehicle was studied. For controlling the NUV, a new control method, optimal control of a mechanical system by means of energy equation, was(More)
A Steer-By-Wire (SBW) control scheme is proposed for enhancing the lateral stability and handling capability of a super lightweight vehicle by using the energy optimal control method. Tire dissipation power and virtual power, which is the product of yaw moment and the deviation of actual yaw rate from the target yaw rate, were selected as performance(More)
This paper introduces the application of a newly developed optimal control method for an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and actuator failure performance in case of the failure of either rudder or stern fin. The six degree-of-freedom (DOF) nonlinear equations of motion were used in the control. For failure and no-failure cases, two control system models(More)
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