Naotaka Tamura

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A tyrosinase inhibitor was isolated from the sprout of Polygonum hydropiper L. (Benitade) by activity-guided fractionation and identified as (2R,3R)-+-taxifolin (1) by spectroscopic means. Compound 1 inhibited 70% of tyrosinase activity at a concentration of 0.50 mM. ID50 (50% inhibition dose) value of compound 1 was 0.24 mM. As compared with tyrosinase(More)
only as material used in cosmetics as skin-whitening agents but also as a remedy for disturbances in pigmentation. The color of mammalian skin and hair is determined by a number of factors. The most important factor is the degree and distribution of melanin pigmentation. Tyrosinase (phenol oxidase) is one of the multifunctional enzymes containing copper(More)
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