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Recently, hydrogen sulfide was experimentally found to show the high superconducting critical temperature (Tc) under high-pressure. The superconducting Tc shows 30-70 K in pressure range of 100-170 GPa (low-Tc phase) and increases to 203 K, which sets a record for the highest Tc in all materials, for the samples annealed by heating it to room temperature at(More)
A self-consistent calculation scheme for correlated electron systems is created based on the density-functional theory (DFT). Our scheme is a multi-reference DFT (MR-DFT) calculation in which the electron charge density is reproduced by an auxiliary interacting Fermion system. A short-range Hubbard-type interaction is introduced by a rigorous manner with a(More)
We explore the unknown structure of phosphorus in phase IV (P-IV phase) based on first-principles calculations using the metadynamics simulation method. Starting from the simple cubic structure, we find a new modulated structure of the monoclinic lattice. The modulation is crucial to the stability of the structure. Through refining the structure further by(More)
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