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The early-generated neurons designated as lot cells specifically mark the future site of the lateral olfactory tract (LOT) and guide LOT axons. We investigated the mechanism of how lot cells develop and get localized in the LOT position. Lot cells differentiated from neuroepithelial cells in all regions of the neocortex but not from those in the ganglionic(More)
The olfactory cortex is the target area of olfactory bulb axons and is suggested to be derived from neuroepithelial progenitors of various ventricular domains during development. In the present study, we examined the development of the olfactory cortex, using the newly developed monoclonal antibody (mAb) 9-4c, which recognizes reticulon 1-A and -B. The mAb(More)
Previous studies have shown that catecholamines increase the nerve growth factor (NGF) content in medium conditioned by mouse L-M fibroblast cells and mouse astroglial cells. In this study, the NGF mRNA levels in these cells were measured by Northern blot analysis. In astroglial cells treated with epinephrine (EN), the cellular NGF mRNA level increased(More)
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