Naomi Sugimoto

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BACKGROUND Insulin resistance is one of the hallmark manifestations of obesity and Type II diabetes and reversal of this pathogenic abnormality is an attractive target for new therapies for Type II diabetes. A recent report that metformin, a drug known to reverse insulin resistance, demonstrated in vitro the metformin can inhibit AMP deaminase (AMPD)(More)
Mutation of the AMP deaminase 1 (AMPD1) gene, the predominate AMPD gene expressed in skeletal muscle, is one of the most common inherited defects in the Caucasian population; 2-3% of individuals in this ethnic group are homozygous for defects in the AMPD1 gene. Several studies of human subjects have reported variable results with some studies suggesting(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES International electives can provide experiences for medical students to learn about health systems and foster critical self-reflection. So far, little is known about the status of Japanese students' engagement in international electives. We sought to provide information about the internationalization of Japanese medical education(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study aimed to establish a new method to evaluate the influence of immunosuppressive drugs on pancreatic islets in short-term in vitro cultures using epigenetic analysis in a 3-dimensional culture. METHODS For this purpose, we selected (a) a 3-dimensional culture system utilizing thermoreversible gelation polymer, (b) pancreatic(More)
OBJECTIVE For maternal and child health, in addition to assistance to children, support to guardians is needed with the change in the social environment due to child-rearing. In Kobe city, from 2002/ 04/01, interview sheets for health check-ups at 4 months, 18 months and 3 years of age were revised and questions about child-rearing were added. The purpose(More)
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