Naomi Struch

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Investigated predictors of intergroup aggression and its relations to in-group bias. In a questionnaire, 156 Israeli adults reported perceptions of their own religious group and of the ultraorthodox Jewish out-group and expressed aggression toward the ultraorthodox (opposing institutions that serve their needs, supporting acts harmful to them, and opposing(More)
Mental health-related stigma causes suffering and interferes with care and social inclusion. This study explored stigma as experienced by mental health service users. Particular attention is given to their use of coping mechanisms. Interviews were held with 167 adults undergoing outpatient psychiatric treatment; two-thirds of them had previously been(More)
We examined the public's preferences regarding the site of provision of mental health care and the basis for those preferences. A representative sample of the adult Israeli population (N = 1,583) was interviewed by telephone about their knowledge and attitudes. Self-referral to mental health professionals and primary medical doctors for milder disorders was(More)
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