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AIM The aim of the CEntralised Pan-South African survey on tHE Under-treatment of hypercholeSterolaemia (CEPHEUS SA) was to evaluate the current use and efficacy of lipid-lowering drugs (LLDs) in urban patients of different ethnicity with hyperlipidaemia, and to identify possible patient characteristics associated with failure to achieve low-density(More)
Epidemiology (PURE) study: Examining the impact of societal influences on chronic noncommunicable diseases in low-, middle-, and high-income countries. Am Heart J 2009; 158: 1–7. 21. Fourie CM, van Rooyen JM, Kruger A, Schutte AE. Lipid abnormalities in a never -treated HIV-1 subtype C-infected African population. Lipids 2010, 45(1): 73–80. 22. Seedat YK,(More)
The specialist physician has always played a pivotal role in the healthcare of South Africans. Following specialisation, either through the College of Medicine or a Master's of Medicine obtained from a university, many of these doctors have branched out into the private sector and continue to play a vital role in the management of patients. The total number(More)
The impact of decreased serum albumin concentrations on free antibiotic concentrations in non-critically ill patients is poorly described. This study aimed to describe the pharmacokinetics of a high-dose regimen of teicoplanin, a highly protein-bound antibiotic, in non-critically ill patients with hypoalbuminaemia. Ten patients with chronic bone sepsis and(More)